About Jeffrey Sekera

An innovative technical professional with a career spanning, User Experience, Product Management, and Development, across a variety of delivery platforms and stakeholder groups, delivering solutions from e-commerce to highly specialized systems enabling healthcare institutions and clinical professionals.

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On healthcare

Healthcare comes down to the relationship between provider and patient, and typically the more quality time a provider spends with a patient, the better the outcome. Healthcare is rife with progressively complex regulations, reporting, and requirements designed with the intent to improve quality, consistency, and reduce cost. These documentation requirements often force providers into spending more time in front of the computer recording the visit than the visit itself, a trend that eats into outcome quality.

Nine years ago I joined a team to re-platform a patient flow product. The project was driven by the emerging trend of integrated Delivery Networks (IDN’s), hospitals moving organizationally under other hospitals rendering our older product obsolete.  In the eighteen months, it took to deliver new capabilities and new user experience I visited many hospitals and learned much about hospital patient logistics and the providers. I found immense satisfaction in delivering our improvements and seeing first hand how they directly related to our customer’s experience and outcomes.

Health care providers need simple, effective tools that place them back in front of their patients.


  • Don’t cling too tightly to your original idea, let it morph
  • Getting stuff “Out the door” is 90% of your battle
  • Go forward, move ahead – sound advice
  • Trust your team – communicate early and often
  • Offer only constructive criticism
  • Rote work? Get lazy, and find a better way


  • Well made tools, tools that enable, tools that people love
  • Understanding why things work, (or don’t)
  • Collaborating with people

Past Roles

  • Agile/SCRUM Product Owner
  • Product Manager / Analyst
  • Ux Designer / Interaction Designer
  • Business Analyst
  • Design and Creative Director

Domain knowledge:

  • Healthcare Information Technology (HIT/HIS)
    • Hospital Patient Flow and Bed Turnover
    • Acute and Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
    • Analytics for CMS measures based reporting (PQRS/QCDR, HEDIS)
    • Post-Acute Care coordination (BPCI)
  • E-commerce – Business to Consumer and Business to business
  • Insurance Policy Administration Systems

Platform Experience:

  • SaaS / Cloud, Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Mobile (Native app and Responsive web)
  • Enterprise Software (Web and WPF)
  • Integrated technology-agnostic solutions (Think connected ecosystem of Apps, Web-content, and platform designed to support users in many different ways)




  • Mountain Biking & Road Cycling
    • Someday understanding why one is Biking and one is Cycling
  • Traveling (Food-related, of course)
  • Playing guitar badly – at this, I excel!



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“Bend technology before your users.” was coined by me in 2012. © Jeffrey Sekera / Jellyhat 2012 – 2018