This is Epic:

My contract with AIG is coming to a close, and I’ll be back on the market shortly. Since I spend so much of my time writing user stories, I thought to express my availability in the same way.

As an experienced Product Manager/Owner

I seek a Product Owner opportunity in healthcare (HIT) that leverages both my experience and personal strengths.

So that I can continue my career in healthcare AND make a difference for people (patients and healthcare providers).

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Team of like-minded people looking to make a difference in healthcare
  • Environment where ideas, collaboration, and transparency enable everyone
  • Respect for the process of ideation and iteration where empathy rules (not Ego)
  • Access to users for feedback to make good products into great products
  • Culture of action and trust that allows everyone to move forward
  • Respect for the agile approach that eliminates nearly all “Fire drills”
  • Access to benefits like health care for myself and my family
  • Good PTO policy so that I can blow off steam and return with a fresh mind
  • Reasonable policy that allows work from home when needed

More about About Jeffrey Sekera

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