UX Burnout?

Haven’t heard of UX burnout? Don’t worry neither had I, but looking back over the last umpteen years – I’ve sure felt it.
UX burnout is a term coined by UX Designer Benjamin Earl Evans in an article for BoxesAndArrows.com (A publication that incidentally has remained well focused on the UX industry for a long time now,). Evans identifies six types of UX Burnout and offers some ideas to alleviate the stress.

After the launch, I was all UX’ed out. Even the sight of a Post-It note felt exhausting. Attributing the fatigue to creative block, I planned to take a few days off to recharge. But because my version of “recharge” also means “process everything,” I also decided to write an article for creatives about how to deal with this kind of block.

I think we all suffer some or all of these during a big project. My biggest takeaway to diminish burnout during my Outpost.com days was two things:
1. Knowing failure was OK, so long as we did a retrospective analysis and based out following approaches on what we learned did actually work.
2. Mountain biking.

Read the article here at  BoxesAndArrows.com

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