Link: The 5 Ways to Know if Your Product Idea is a Winner

I recently found this post by Jim Semick, Founder/Chief Strategist at

The process he describes nearly parallels the UCD process (obviously on a more market-based approach). and why shouldn’t – there’s great power in leveraging your user’s input.

Thousands of new products launch every month. Yet only a fraction of those get enough traction to be considered successful.

Of course, there are the exceptions — the breakout successes that we all hear about: Snapchat, Uber, and of course Pokémon Go.

Even though that’s not likely to be your product, you can still knock it out of the park. But how do you test market demand early to know if your idea is a winner?

Throughout my career I’ve helped launch a dozen successful software products including GoToMeeting, AppFolio, and ProductPlan. I have learned five powerful techniques that entrepreneurs use to learn whether their product will be successful — before they launch their product.

These methods won’t guarantee success, but will dramatically increase your odds. In my case, these techniques resulted in products that today now generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue yearly.

Read full article here…

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