Remember your audience.

I’m a fan of simple solutions, however getting that simplified solution out the door can be difficult. Often the hardest part is communicating the solution to the group creating the solution.  Here’s an example.

When crafting the experience that enabled our 2016 PQRS Client-Administrator user to create and save report templates for their physicians, we sifted through a sea of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rules and standards. Distilling that info down into a simple experience took many hours and iterations.

Happy with the approach, we then verified the approach with partner customers with a demonstration and walkthrough. Our Customers validated our approach and latched on to its simplicity as a way to take uncertainty out of the process and reduce the man hours to set up reports. Great news, a solution that solves some big problems, and is verified by a few actual customers – time to start building it.

After writing up all our stories acceptance criteria and attaching all related docs, we hit a brick wall in sprint zero with our offshore development teams. They understood the approach and felt they could build it but were having a hard time getting their heads around the bizarre CMS rules, ambiguous nomenclature and standards for PQRS reporting. It seemed pretty clear we were going to have a QA nightmare testing and correcting the solution if we didn’t provide clarity.

Our mistake? We had distilled the process and information for our clinically based customers – but had not considered all of our audience members – most importantly our non-clinically minded offshore team.

It took us a couple of tries, but we finally found success with a couple of diagrams that worked together to explain the true nature of the beast. (One visually describing what the UI needed to do, and one grid version of the same information – without the flow logic.) I realize it won’t mean much, but since these were difficult to come by, I feel the need to post them (The blog equivalent of putting a “big-win” test on the Fridge perhaps? )


Ui flow of information & logic for 2016 PQRS Client Administrator report creation

PQRS-UI-flow 2.png

Information & logic for 2016 PQRS Client Administrator report creation

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