Leveraging a group for quick decisions.

Here is a great 15 min. workshop to quickly leverage the power of any group (Collective intelligence) to make a solid, quick decision.


  • 20-30 people.
  • Pens
  • Notepaper or note-cards

You’ll need to get everyone into a room, and have their full attention.

Step 1 set the stage and get them thinking / working
Present the problem or question to the group as simply as possible, and then ask everyone to take a moment to write their answer on a sheet of paper. Give the group a 3-4 minute time-box to think it through and write their answers.

Step 2 randomly distribute the answers
Once the time is up, ask everyone to stand up move about and randomly pass the paper to another person, and keep passing for about 30-40 seconds. Everyone should now have a paper that is not their own. (As them to swap with another I they somehow still have their own)

Step 3 pair off and score the answers
Individuals should then pair off with another to evaluate the answers and score them. The pair should talk it over then assign each answer a single score on the back of the paper (1 to 10, 10 being the highest). Give them a min. to talk and make the decisions.

Once completed – have the room randomly exchange the pieces of paper again, and then evaluate with another partner.  Repeat this step until you have four scores on the back of each piece of paper.

Step 4 – tally and find the winner(s)
Ask everyone to tally the amounts on the back of the paper they are holding.
Then using brackets of numbers ask the group to raise their hands if the tally on their card fits the bracket (Try working downward with brackets of five from the maximum number possible)

Ask the winner to read aloud the answer on his or her paper. You will find nearly all of the time the answer with the highest score is spot on. (Often there will be two with similar scores that are very similar – let the group vote by a show of hands the one they like best.)

Good luck!


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