But it has electrolytes!

I will soon have the chance to do some testing on a Surface Tablet to see how compatible it is with our current product. Mostly, it’s an exercise to arm a salesperson with the phrase, “why, yes, our application does run on a tablet device”. I also plan to look further into ways we might use it for other applications, or even to see if it is viable as a tablet device. While waiting for it to arrive I’ve been digging around to learn what its all about, what are its quirks and how might it fit in. The more I look, the more I keep thinking I’ve seen it somewhere before. Earlier this week while talking with a friend about my feeling, he was kind enough to point out the similarity to the doctor’s computer screen from the movie Idiocracy. It will be some time before my request gets approved and finally purchased so in the meantime I’m stuck with this image in my head.


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