Choose a lane there buddy!

Grab a pencil and paper, here’s a cool exercise. 

Regardless of how dominant your left or right brain might be, this is a fun exercise to demonstrate why changing sides in your head is difficult for everyone. 

– On your piece of paper quickly write the ABC’s. Easy, right? You can blast through it. 

– Now do the same writing from 1 to 26. Again, easy. 

Each of the above exercises uses a single side of your brain, you can blast through them. Now let’s use your brain’s processing power to put the two lists together.
Turn the paper over and complete this pattern:

A1, B2, C3,…

It takes a lot longer to do this doesn’t it, and somewhere around G or H you really flop. Even though you instantly have the concept, your brain is just not wired to combine this stuff on the fly. 

Fun trick, but who cares? As a designer, you should care. Chances are you tend towards right brain thought and expression, but remember your audience often may not. Prepare yourself to be able to describe your ideas in at least two ways. It can make things much easier on everyone.

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