Just because it fits doesn’t mean it should go there.

We’ve all had a stakeholder request something be added into some area that appears empty. It goes something like this:

“Look, It’ll fit right here in this empty space. How tidy is that!” While pointing to a color printout. “It won’t take but a moment.”

Trouble is they are often on target, and we – as team players  – want to accommodate them, but before we do we should make sure it’s done right. Take the time to consider what it is being requested.  It may seem like a quick and easy fix now, but down the line you may be surprised at the trouble it can cause. Changes like this have the potential to set an incorrect precedent in the UI/Ux that you might be forced to uphold and then later spend considerable effort unraveling. Just as we work to uncover ‘why’ when dealing with a client who offers a solution, we must understand the ‘why’ behind an internal request. (Getting to Why) Remember you are not being difficult, rather it’s your job to be sure there is nothing missing from the request, and it fits with all roadmaps. Although your stakeholder may not always agree in the beginning the results will speak for themselves. * Yes, that is my Prius sitting in the cart return, and my plan would have been great if I could have opened the doors.

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