Id est quam volvam*


Hi-Fidelity                       Low-Fidelity

How important are low-fidelity sketches, over high-fidelity ones, for keeping the focus on your idea? Apparently, very important.

Recently I  presented my newest mobile prototype to an Apple Fanboy VIP. On seeing the sketched appearance of the layouts he remarked “You know, you can use Storyboard to make your layouts look slick – just like a finished product.” I explained how the sketched look helps keep focus on the high level concepts rather than granular details. He looked at me like I had three heads. However drawn in by the possibilities, he was soon excited and offering ideas. Afterwards he noticed thumbnails of the high-fidelity shots sitting in my folder and asked to see them. Thinking he was good with the concepts I opened one. 

He immediately attacked and questioned the order of the elements and the data displayed.

I switched back to the low-res prototype and pointed out they were the same. You could see the light go on over his head as he realized the high-fidelity mockup had pushed him to focus on details that – for now – didn’t matter.

* That’s how I roll.

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