Link: Transitioning from User Experience to Product Management

User experience professionals often get frustrated when their research, designs, and ideas are not given the respect they feel they deserve. There isn’t a UX professional who hasn’t had a bad experience with a stakeholder who, despite their lack of customer interaction or knowledge of needs and workflows, overrules a research-based design on their gut feeling or unfounded opinion.

Increasingly, many UX professionals feel that they have the experience and insight to wield more authority and make a larger impact on the products they help to build. Product management is garnering more interest from Read more…

*PDF Version here: Jeff Lash – Transitioning from User Experience to Product Management « Boxes and Arrows.PDF

*Please note: The original post is now 10 years old, so I’ve included a PDF version of the original in case it is somehow removed or archived and no longer available as a link.

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